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Addressing the Stress


Since 2008 the Training Team at Paradigm Training Solutions have been producing top quality coaches and trainers, some of whom have gone on to work exclusively with the National Positive Mental Health Charity Talking2Minds.

There the Coaches work with people who are suffering from Severe Stress Related Conditions (SSRC) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) using a unique non-medical approach. We use a specially developed Client Centred Coaching Program that in no way re-traumatises sufferers unlike those that that have been negatively affected by existing Trauma Focussed approaches.

Using the unique Paradigm Approach™ and Paradigm Personal Development Coaching Courses™ we have helped over 700 people pick up the pieces and heal the mental scars.

Since 2008 we have assisted Talking2Minds with a four-day Paradigm Change Programme™ that has been delivered to SSRC sufferers and are constantly achieving an externally verified and evidenced 97% success record. January 2016.

Outstanding Results !!!

No need to spend months on an NHS waiting list to see a therapist month in month out for years and accept the medication that often comes with that.

To date, every Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ has been trained by the team of Paradigm Trainers™ at Paradigm Training Solutions – many now work as volunteers exclusively for the National PTSD charity Talking2Minds.

Now, with years of experience, a portfolio of evidence based “qualitative and quantitive” studies and clinical research behind us, for the first time, Paradigm Training Solutions are offering our training courses at all five levels to those who wish to work the charity or to become licensed freelance independent Paradigm Personal Development Coaches™ working with private clients.

Would you like a career where every day you use your proven professional training in this unique and massively respected approach to help people to achieve positive and lasting changes in the lives ?

If you want to make a difference then join this mental health revolution and train as a Paradigm Personal Development Coach™.

There are thousands of people out there just waiting for you to be ready to help them change their lives !

Paradigm Training Solutions can help make that possible.