Paradigm Training Solutions is a training company born out of the wish to help people become well again and our aim is to select and train high quality practitioners who wish to study the Paradigm™ Approach with the same wish, to help others.

Paradigm Training Solutions has been selecting and mentoring practitioners for many years whilst assisting  Talking2Minds the Charity which was established in 2008 and has developed a good reputation within the medical fraternity through the successful treatment of Veterans, Blue Light Services and Civilians alike.


Our approach is Psycho-Social and looks at all aspects of life that may effect the sufferer. We teach how to work with the individuals range of emotions and teach you you how to have a lasting effect in changing the dynamic of emotions that underpin certain behaviours and negative thought patterns.

All of our emotions were created in the childhood amnesia period of our development and every subsequent event naturally will be hardwired in our makeup and links back to then. Being able to assist the sufferer to change negative thought forms into positive, and link them to the the point that the primary switch was thrown, allows them to reform the pathways and change the way that they view their everything.

Our work has been the culmination of years of working with ourselves who once suffered and others who did too. We have as a group taken the best parts of an amalgam of approaches and re sculptured them to create something radically new and hugely exciting.

From our studies we very early on deduced that trauma focussed therapies only go on to re traumatise the sufferer. For a short period for many the exposure to a negative stimuli will allow us to temporarily create a barrier to the trauma, in comparison  as would an individual blocking out a sustained physical attack, by detaching themselves from the situation. This is part of the fight, flight or freeze component of our makeup.

We have combined common sense, practical ability and lived experience with almost the exact opposite approach to main stream trauma focussed approaches and our results speak for themselves. We have now married psychology to our Paradigm Approach™ to produce consistent and measurable permanent results with those that we work with.

The “First Rule” of psychology is “Do no Harm”.  With this in mind we embarked on a journey that has stayed focussed on the positives and from that we created something that really works.

Our results have been rigorously validated by a dedicated team of psychologists and statisticians who are peer reviewed and mentored by three universities all of which have identified that our approach is highly significant in terms of recovery from severe stress related conditions.


Rob Paxman the founder is the recipient of the Governments Mental Health Hero Award for the North West of UK 2015 and the good work of the team continues.

An holistic approach

Our bespoke training is designed holistically to encompass all aspects and dynamics of the desired outcome. In other words, we don’t just look at the symptoms, or even the apparent immediate causes – we go right for the real root of the problem, which in many cases is un-related to the apparent current cause.

Stress has been blamed for many conditions for scores of years and these stressors can ultimately have a negative impact on the mind and the body.

Bob Paxman, our founder, says:

“When applying Newtonian principles to health and healing of the body (which is what happens in most treatments currently available) the body is treated as a factory that produces chemicals and by-products. By addressing a chemical imbalance in the system by adding further chemicals it can be possible to mask the symptoms  – “numb” the patient – however this does not address other aspects of the healing triangle.

A quantum physics approach – such as we use – treats the mind, body and spirit holistically as they are all part of the one, thus moving towards a stable and positive outcome. By addressing the root cause of the presenting problem, which may be both physical and mental the client can look to reconstruct a positive future out of a negative past.

The Seven Wonders of the World all began with a positive thought pattern that in some instances has literally moved mountains. It naturally follows that a negative thought pattern could itself be destructive both to those around you as well as your own physicality”

Emotional intelligence

Understanding the environment around us is key to survival as is understanding what impact the environment has upon our emotional health.

Our Paradigm Training Team can assist you and your organisation connect with a largely ignored part of the human psyche which helps us interact more effectively.. Without balance in emotional health it is not possible to function correctly in all areas of life. By assisting people to find that  emotional balance, by addressing the root cause of any presenting behaviours or symptoms, it is possible to address stress related illness and create a positive working present and future for the client and those around them.

Paradigm Approach™

The Paradigm Approach™ has been central to the way in which we assist people in changing their lives when they are affected severe stress related conditions.

The Paradigm Approach™ is used as a way of allowing people to alter the way they think and behave and allows them to make the necessary changes to regain control of their lives and manage their futures more effectively.

Our Paradigm Change Programme™ uses a holistic approach and works with clients on an individual basis to get to the root cause of the problem without revisiting the trauma as some traditional therapies do.

Dennis Carlon, an independent psychologist, states:

“I have researched every therapy going, and my conclusion is that Talking 2 Minds and the Paradigm Therapy™ they have designed really works, especially for the worst cases. Those who have been affected by the symptoms of PTSD for a long time can literally see a shift in how they think and feel once they have made the decision that they want to get well and everyone at the charity are so supportive ”

The Paradigm Approach™ works with each person as an individual and supports them to look at how memories, thought patterns, actions and feelings work together to produce each individual’s unique experience and model of the world. Once that person understands their own thoughts and feelings and examines how they affect both their behaviours and in some cases physical symptoms then the process of addressing their fundamental causes of severe stress related conditions can begin.

The Paradigm Approach™ is completely client centred and acknowledges the fact that everyone is unique and will experience events in life in their own way. Because of this the practitioners on the Paradigm Change Programme™ work with clients on a 1 to 1 basis to fully support each individual through their own paradigm shift in the way they think at the deepest level.

Many Paradigm Coaches™ can relate to the clients who go through the change programme because they themselves have experienced PTSD or a severe trauma related condition.

All of the Paradigm Approach procedures follow the British Psychological Society (BPS) strict Codes of Ethics and the charity have externally validated statistics based around our processes that assist us to remain results focused to maintain the effectiveness of our approach.


Should you have questions or would like further detailed information about the massively successful Paradigm Approach then please contact Lead Trainer Jonnie Telford by email or directly on 07825 224025  to find out more information of what we do or to book a training course with us.