Training in the Paradigm Approach.


Unlike other therapeutic approaches the Paradigm Training Team interviews and selects those that wish to train with us based upon ethical motivation and soft skills that are required to help others. The ability to pay for a course is no guarantee that an individual can achieve a positive outcome with a client.

Training to be a Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ is an ongoing process that requires dedication and commitment from those that engage with the programme. Training to be a competent and registered Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ takes around 18 to 24 months of study and practical experience.

The training of a Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ is in three distinct modules. After each of the three training modules there is a period of around 6 months where students practise their skills. During this time each and every coach is closely monitored to ensure that peak development is achieved between stages. The process includes peer review and mentorship and supervision.

To qualify for each level of certification every Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ will be required to complete post training log books to evidence outcomes before qualifications are awarded. This ensures that our high standards are continuously met and that need for further training, guidance or mentorship is identified early in order to promote individual coach development.

Unlike other approaches that cannot evidence their outcomes, we at Paradigm Training Solutions provide you with the relevant documentation and assistance in using instruments to measure both your own performance and also the progress that your clients make. This ensures that positive outcomes are achieved all round at every level.


Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ training is conducted in three stages with each stage being used to select those that have the abilities to move onto the next level.  There are two further stages for those wishing to become a Paradigm Personal Development Trainers™.


All our courses are accredited by IQ and Paradigm Training Solutions and are on the CQF framework.


Level One Paradigm Personal Development Coach™

Level Two Paradigm Advanced Personal Development Coach™

Level Three Paradigm Personal Development Lead Coach™


Level Four Paradigm Personal Development Trainer™

Level Five Paradigm Personal Development Lead Trainer™


As the student progresses through the modules then the complexity of conditions they can consult on increases. For example after the first module clients may present with mild to moderate issues. After the second module then the cases may be of a more severe nature and after the third module challenging cases may include sufferers with Severe Stress Related Conditions (SSRC) including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All Coaches have a mentor throughout the whole of their training and would never find themselves taking on clients outside of their level of current competence. For further detail about the competencies of each of the three levels please follow the link of each stage.

After each of the three training modules, once signed-off to do so by the Trainer, the students are equipped and able to work with independently private clients and charge fees for their consultations. In many cases further experience can be gained by taking the opportunity to volunteer to assist on live courses delivered by the national charity – Talking2Minds.

The courses are all residential and take place at Tranquil House in Plymouth. The cost of Meals and accommodation whilst attending the trainings are not included in the course costs. Please see Courses & Fees page for details.

Successful students attaining the level three Paradigm Personal Development Coach™ certification are eligible to be selected to work with the charity talking2minds in a paid capacity, delivering the phenomenal four day Paradigm Change Programme™ to service personnel suffering from PTSD


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