Piecing together positive futures


Paradigm Training Solutions takes a unique approach to teaching you how to create lasting positive mental health changes in those that suffer from a variety of severe stress related conditions- Our unique system helps those wishing to become effective Paradigm Personal Development Coaches™ .

Our ethos begins with the knowledge that the individual has all the answers and resources available to them and that as coaches we guide people to find their own answers and create their own positive futures.


“Success is creating long lasting positivity and potential, by negating negative and restricting interference.”


Interference such as stress, poor communication, personal insecurities and lack of understanding lead to decreasing personal performance, poor time management and the reduction of positive mental health.

Our programs show you the techniques required to create lasting change and give you the ability to continuously recreate those positive changes in a wide range of conditions over and again.

Our trainers are all highly successful in their own fields and they will help you unlock the potential within and help you become more productive and efficient in how you work with others. This will enable you to help others leave negative stress behind and help them move forward and assist them in creating their own positive futures.

Imagine what would happen if you could help lots of people recover their positive mental health, those that did not get a result with main stream “trauma’ focussed therapies?

For full details of how our approach works, the science behind the programmes and verification from outside organisations, browse the list opposite.