The concept of the Paradigm Approach™ was born in 2008 by Bob Paxman a former soldier and member of 22 SAS, with the help and experience of a number of sufferers of severe stress related conditions and sector competent professionals and academics.

Following the great success of Talking2Minds the Charity No.1131142,  who’s ethos is ‘veterans helping veterans’ and who offer real help “free of charge” to those who have suffered from severe stress related conditions, the team have begun a new venture of expanding the network to help many more suffering from stress related conditions.

Paradigm Training Solutions leads the way in the effective treatment of PTSD and other severe stress related conditions by using a unique programme which is key in creating positive outcomes for those that suffer directly or indirectly from severe stress.

The Paradigm Approach™ and the Programmes that have been designed by Paradigm Training Solutions and Talking2Minds are bespoke and effectively target the root cause of the issues behind the symptoms and behaviours that are caused by severe stress.