Our mission


Helping you to “piece together a positive future”

Paradigm Training Solutions was established as a provider of unique training in a very valuable and effective approach to help the millions that suffer from the effects of stress.

Our aim is to train an army of Paradigm Personal Development Coaches™ that will make a “Real and Positive Impact on Mental Health”

We use our unique approach to address the unwanted negative responses that may overwhelm part of our thought process and adversely affect our performance or quality of life.

Once these negative responses have been addressed, the person rediscovers the freedom to make informed choices, enabling them to create positive change within their lives.

Our definition of success is when a person recognises that their symptoms have been positively addressed and they feel truly at ease with themselves. In other words, by supporting clients on a one to one basis, they are in a position to take control of their own lives for the benefit of themselves and those closest to them.

For more information please contact us:

info@paradigmtrainingsolutions.co.uk  to find out more information of what we do and how you can book onto training program.

Enquiries: info@paradigmtrainingsolutions.co.uk