Level One Paradigm Personal Development Coach™

This is a 10 day course which explores the way we think and communicate and the effect that language has on ourselves and others. You will learn how to build a working relationship with a client and how to interact in a positive manner with the emphasis on guiding a client through a series of well formed language patterns that will create change.

You will also be given an introduction to the Paradigm Matrix™ which in conjunction with well rehearsed language patterns will assist you to create change for people suffering with minor stress related conditions that may include mild forms of fear, phobias and minot traumas.

With practice the coach will be able to replicate the process well which will set them up for interaction more complex cases.

Unlike other approaches where delegates are bombarded with information that ultimately causes confusion, we assist the delegate to understand a small number of language matrix patterns and get them to do them well.


Level 2 Paradigm Advanced Personal Development Coach™

Course dates and prices


Please note: All Paradigm Coaches are required to hold their own insurance policies as standard practice whilst working outside of Paradigm Training Solutions. If in doubt about someone claiming to be qualified to use the Paradigm Approach™  please contact  info@paradigmtrainingsolutions.co.uk