Level Three Paradigm Personal Development Lead Coach™

The Level Three Paradigm Personal Development Lead Coach™ training is 21 days long and assists Paradigm Coaches who have gained a good working experience with the Paradigm Matrix with some of the more complex stress related traumas. This is the second part of an IQ Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification.

This course will enable the Paradigm Coach™ to start working with greater presenting  Severe Stress Related Conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD. At this stage Paradigm Personal Development Lead Coaches™ will work along side more experienced Paradigm Coaches and will be introduced to the Paradigm Change Program™.

At no stage will Paradigm Coaches™ be encouraged to work alone with Severe Stress Related Conditions until they have been peer reviewed and mentored and have displayed a working understanding of the Paradigm Training Solutions™ codes of practice and reporting procedures.

Level Three Paradigm Personal Development Coaches will be able to assist Trainers on future training courses with a view to becoming Level Four Paradigm Personal Development Trainers.


Level 4 Paradigm Personal Development Trainer™

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Please note: All Paradigm Coaches™ are required to hold their own insurance policies as standard practice whilst working outside of Paradigm Training Solutions. If in doubt about someone claiming to be qualified to use the Paradigm Approach™  please contact  info@paradigmtrainingsolutions.co.uk